Bare Bright

No.1 bright and shiny copper, no smaller than 16ga, free of any corrosion or contaminates.

#1 Copper

Clean, uncoated copper tubing/wire no smaller than 16ga, free of paint, solder, or other contaminates.

#2 Copper

Copper tubing/wire with copper connections or solder, burnt wire, hair wire. Must be free of brittle burnt wire, brass, iron, non-metallics, and insulation.

Insulated Copper Wire

Copper wire scrap with various types of insulation, purchased on the percentage of copper contained.


Yellow Brass

Shall consist of yellow brass solids including; brass castings, tubing, plated brass, faucets. Free of iron, zinc, shells, dirt, other nonconforming metals, non-metallics and excessively corroded materials.

Red Brass

Shall consist of red brass solids, including; valves, machinery bearings, castings. Free of iron, zinc, dirt, other nonconforming metals, non-metallics and excessively corroded materials.


Brass/Copper Radiators

Mixed automobile radiators free of iron and other contaminates.

Aluminum/Copper Radiators

Radiators with aluminum fins on copper tubing, free of brass, iron, or other non-metallics. Usually found in air conditioning units.


304 Stainless Steel

Shall consist on non-magnetic, 304/ 18-8 stainless steel free of any iron, insulation or other contaminates. Usually found in dairy, hog, and food industries.


Sheet Alum

Clean alum sheet, free of foil, hair/screen wire, food or beverage containers, iron, insulation or other contaminates.

Cast Alum

Clean aluminum castings such as motor or transmission casings, free of iron, dirt, oil, or other contaminates.

Extruded Aluminum

Clean extruded aluminum such as window/door frames free of iron, stainless steel, brass, hinges/hardware, insulation or other contaminates.

Aluminum Turnings

Clean, uncorroded aluminum turnings/borings free of dirt, iron, oil, moisture and all other non-metallic items.

Aluminum Clip

Clean uncoated, unpainted, aluminum scrap no less than .38 mm thick free of oil, dirt, or other contaminates.

Aluminum Radiators

Clean aluminum radiators from automobiles or condensers. Must be free of iron, dirt and other contaminates.


Aluminum wire scrap with various types of insulation. Purchased on the percentage of aluminum contained.

Aluminum Rims

356 alloy aluminum, automobile wheels. No steel, lead wheel weights or valve stems.



Lead acid batteries from automobiles, tractors, etc. Does not include household/electronic batteries.

Electric Motors

Whole electric motors or dismantled parts that are copper wound such as alternators, starters. Must be free of any attachments, excessive iron, and water pumps, gear reducers, compressors.