No 2 heavy melt / Prepared Steel

Wrought iron or steel 1/8 inch and over thickness. Individual pieces not over 3 feet x 18 inches. May include automobile scrap, properly prepared but must be free of sheet iron or thin gauge material.

Unprepared Steel

Wrought iron or steel at least 1/8 inch and over thickness and larger in dimension than 3 feet by 18 inches. Unprepared scrap includes farm machinery, cast iron tubs, home radiators, and must be free of any fluids, rubber or other non-metallics.

Sheet Iron / Tin

Thin gauge steel smaller than 1/8 inch thick such as sheet metal roofing and siding.


Whole or partial passenger vehicles, must be free of any and all fluids. Gas tank MUST be emptied and PUNCTURED. Accepted with seats, glass and 4 tires. Title is REQUIRED.

Dirty Motors

whole or partial vehicle motors free of any and all fluids.

#1 Cast Iron

Clean auto cast, such as blocks, brake drums and rotors free of steel parts.

Plate & Structural

Includes steel plates and structural shapes such as I-beams no less than 1/4 inch thick and no more than 5 feet in length.