No 2 heavy melt / Prepared Steel

Wrought iron or steel 1/8 inch and over thickness. Individual pieces not over 3 feet x 18 inches. May include automobile scrap, properly prepared but must be free of sheet iron or thin gauge material.

Unprepared Steel

Wrought iron or steel at least 1/8 inch and over thickness and larger in dimension than 3 feet by 18 inches. Unprepared scrap includes farm machinery, cast iron tubs, home radiators, and must be free of any fluids, rubber or other non-metallics.

Sheet Iron / Tin

Thin gauge steel smaller than 1/8 inch thick such as sheet metal roofing and siding.


Whole or partial passenger vehicles, must be free of any and all fluids. Accepted with seats, glass and 4 tires.

Dirty Motors

whole or partial vehicle motors free of any and all fluids.

#1 Cast Iron

Clean auto cast, such as blocks, brake drums and rotors free of steel parts.

Plate & Structural

Includes steel plates and structural shapes such as I-beams no less than 1/4 inch thick and no more than 5 feet in length.